London carpenter to claim personal injury compensation

One London carpenter is to claim personal injury compensation from his employer after he fell from a temporary platform ten metres above the ground.

Greenford native Noel Doyle, aged thirty, had been working at height at a Vauxhall building site when the work accident claim occurred.  Due to a breakdown in communications, a crane operator mistakenly removed the platform Mr Doyle had been standing upon, which sent him plummeting to the ground below him.

Mr Doyle sustained several injuries in the fall including severe internal injuries to his kidneys and liver and fractures to his pelvis, ribs, and elbow.  He spent a total of six weeks in hospital after the incident that led to the filing of his accident claim.  It took an additional six months for him to recover fully but his right elbow is still giving the carpenter trouble.  In the fall Mr Doyle’s elbow was practically shattered completely.

As he can no longer pursue his chosen carpentry career due to the severity of his injuries, Mr Doyle has filed an accident claim against his former employer.  Mr Doyle is seeking damages from John Reddington Limited at the High Cort in London, according to one of the carpenter’s injury solicitors.

Mr Doyle’s former employer has accepted full liability for the accident, according to a member of his legal team.  Now both Mr Doyle and Reddington Limited are working towards a final monetary settlement award in order to aid Mr Doyle in his attempts to make a fuller recovery.

Official figures state that falls from height are one of the most common injuries to happen while at the workplace, and compensation awards from such cases can run into the millions of pounds annually due to the severity of injuries sustained by workers.

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