Elderly great grandmother wins her accident claim

A West Bromwich great grandmother who filed an accident claim after falling on a Black Country bus and suffering severe head injuries has recently been awarded £25,000 in personal injury compensation.

82 year old Doreen Tyler was housebound for six long months, recuperating from the head injuries she sustained after being thrown first into a supporting pole and then the floor as she tried to disembark from a Diamond Bus in March of 2009.

In her personal injury claim, Mrs Tyler stated how she had stood up in order to get off the bus in Wednesbury’s Carisbrooke Road when it suddenly pulled away.  Once realising that Mrs Tyler was still aboard the bus, the driver braked hard and threw the grandmother of four to the ground.

Mrs Tyler stated that she sustained cuts to her head in the incident.  Additionally the trauma also caused a brain injury called drop foot that can make walking both painful and awkward.  She added that it would be six months later until she felt well enough to leave her house once more.

The elderly grandmother, who still experiences difficulties whilst moving, was recently awarded the £25,000 sum by Diamond in an out of court settlement.

Though Mrs Tyler has been retired since the age of 70, she still does volunteer work in West Bromwich’s British Heart Foundation charity shop – though she was unable to for the length of her convalescence, she stated.  She has had to adapt to her new ailments in order to get around her own home and now uses a special chair to navigate her house and aids to facilitate her getting in and out of the bath.

Prior to the accident she didn’t have need of any of these mobility aids, added Mrs Tyler.

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