Personal injury claim brought against London Ambulance Service

A personal injury claim is to be brought against the London Ambulance Service for a two hour delay in responding to an emergency call that left a thirty three year old woman with brain damage after collapsing in her flat.

North London resident Caren Paterson of Islington had suffered a heart attack, according to her personal injury lawyers.  While her boyfriend made three desperate 999 calls to plead for existence, Ms Paterson sustained oxygen deprivation-related damage to her brain.

The family of the thirty three year old have now launched a legal claim for personal injury compensation after the revelation was made that the ambulance crew were ordered to wait a hundred metres from the woman’s flat until the arrival of a police escort.  Ms Paterson’s building had allegedly been declared an area that was dangerously high risk, which necessitated the need for the police.

As a result of her debilitating injuries Ms Paterson is now in need of round the clock care.  Moreover the woman has been unable to continue to pursue her career as a medical researcher as her injuries no longer allowed her to work.

No information has been released as to why the premises had been deemed to be a high risk location.  However insiders state that the possibility exists that it could be in relation to someone who formerly occupied the flats at one time.

After the incident was investigated in full detail, the London Ambulance Service has admitted responsibility for the failure in the standard of care they should have provided to Ms Paterson.  The thirty three year old is currently under care in York at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.  No information has been made available as to the extent of her possible recovery.

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