Accident solicitor informs public of legal rights

One Galway-based accident solicitor has recently issued a statement informing the public of their legal right to personal injury compensation if they were injured through no fault of their own.

Solicitor Brendan Burke recently stated that those injured in a road traffic accident or due to medical negligence at the hands of physicians are legally entitled to seek recourse for their injuries.  Mr Burke stated that many injured parties go on to file accident claims against the parties responsible for their injuries in such cases, but there are things to keep in mind if you are considering doing so yourself.

There is a two year legal limitation on bringing action against the responsible party for many types of injuries, said Mr Burke.  While this is not a universal time limit, the solicitor strongly suggested seeking the advice of a legal professional if it has been nearly two years since you have suffered any type of accident in order to keep informed and not end up getting locked out of any possible legal recourse.

For the majority of accident claims, there must first be a submission to the Injuries Board before a claimant can proceed. In order to document the beginning of the process, it is of the utmost importance that the letter of acknowledgement from the Injuries Board is received and kept, as it will prove that the claimant submitted their application properly and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

The next thing a claimant will need will be a doctor’s medical report detailing the nature of the injuries sustained in the accident and how they affect the claimant’s health.  While the cost of this medical report is something that must be paid up front, there is usually an opportunity to recoup its costs at a later date.

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