Personal injury claim to be filed by construction worker

A personal injury claim is likely to be filed by a construction worker who recently suffered injuries related to his four-meter fall from a scaffolding platform.

Construction worker Kevin Clark had been working in County Durham, on the windows of a new building, when the scaffolding he was standing upon failed and collapsed under his feet. Mr Clark suffered a broken left foot and several crushed vertebrae in the resultant fall, according to the worker’s accident claim, and required a two week hospital stay.

Work accident claims such as Mr Clark’s commonly result in the need for the injured party to pursue personal injury compensation for the victim’s injuries.  Such compensation awards will pay not only hospital bills but also include a compensation for time missed from work due to convalescence or any permanent damage sustained by the victim that could feasibly limit his or her capacity to earn a living.  Many such injured parties feel the need to seek legal advice from an accident solicitor.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation shortly after the incident occurred, discovering that Mr Clark’s employers, Ian Allen Building Contractors, had neglected to identify alterations that had been made to the scaffolding.  Additionally HSE inspectors found that the construction firm had not performed routine inspections on the equipment, which had led their employees to use the unsafe scaffolding.  Such neglect can be serious due to not only the fines that a company may need to pay for not being in compliance with Health and Safety regulations but also because of the possibility of serious injuries or even loss of life in which  such regulatory breaches can result.

The firm was fined £1,500 for being in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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