Musician dies, mother claims medical negligence to blame

After the death of her 27 year old musician son, Susan Williams has filed a medical negligence claim against Salford Royal NHS for their refusal to treat him for the illness that took his life.

According to sources close to the family, Mrs Williams’ son Peter was busy promoting his rock band in Manchester when he began to suffer symptoms associated with the swine flu, such as extreme weakness, poor appetite, and high fever. According to a statement released by the family’s medical negligence solicitors, Mrs Williams took Peter to the A&E department at Salford’s Hope Hospital for treatment.

Mrs Williams waited with her son for more than 90 minutes before the authorities would see him despite the seriousness of his condition. Finally the attending nurse dismissed his concerns, telling him and his mother that he was simply suffering from a harmless virus and refused to give him a separate room.

Incensed with the insensitivity of hospital staff, the young musician shouted at them in frustration that he had the swine flu.  He also furiously predicted that he would be dead within the week if he was still refused treatment by hospital staff, recounted his mother.

Tragically Peter’s prediction came true.  A few days after Mrs Williams went to hospital with her son, she found the young man dead when visiting his flat in Walkden, Greater Manchester. Shocked and bereaved by her son’s untimely and preventable death, Mrs Williams has laid the blame squarely on hospital authorities for their cavalier attitude in dismissing her son’s apparently justified fears.

Mrs Williams has sought legal advice from a Manchester legal firm in order to charge the hospital NHS trust with medical negligence towards her son.

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