Driver sued for £150k in damages in car accident claim

A car accident claim has recently been filed against a driver who lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a fifteen year old back seat passenger being thrown from the car and sustaining serious personal harm.

The mother of Brixham native Morgan Price has now filed a personal injury compensation claim on behalf of her daughter, suing driver Marte Young in a traffic accident claim for up to as much as £150,000 in compensation.

Morgan Price had been in the back seat of Mr Young’s Citroen Saxo at the time of the incident, recently reported the Herald Express.  The newspaper stated that Mr Young lost control of the vehicle which resulted in Morgan being thrown violently through the back window of the car.

Morgan and two others injured in the incident were initially rushed to Torbay Hospital together.  However due to the extent of her injuries, the fifteen year old was then transferred to Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital for an emergency neurosurgery procedure.

Morgan’s injuries were so serious that she now needs to be cared for round the clock.  Her family now must tend to her needs, as she has become completely dependent on their care.  Morgan also suffers from dizziness and fatigue thought to have been caused by the accident, and her doctors suspect she may also prove susceptible to epileptic seizures in the future as well.

Brixham, Devon native Julie Dabinett of Ocean Drive, Morgan’s Mother, has sought to hold Mr Young responsible for Morgan’s injuries by issuing a High Court wit against him. The writ claims accident compensation of anywhere between £100,000 to £150,000 from Mr Young in order to compensate Morgan for the life-altering injuries she sustained in the accident.

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