Construction worker suffers personal injury at work in fall

After he fell through a skylight while on the job, one twenty-seven year old construction worker recently suffered a serious personal injury at work.

The injured worker (who requested that his name not be released to the public) had been performing work on a Trow Way, Worcester commercial property’s roof at the time of the incident, according to the young man’s accident claim.  The construction worker had been employed by Tower Hire Services Ltd, based in Lancashire.

The worker’s injury solicitors stated that while he was on the roof, a skylight he was standing on collapsed from his weight and sent him plummeting over five metres to the ground below. The young man suffered a broken hip as a result of his fall.  His elbow and wrist were both fractured as well. The severity of his injuries have prevented him from returning to work, court documents said.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident, revealing that Tower Hire had neglected to give the worker proper training or information on how to work in a safe manner on fragile roofs – or even how to recognise any fragility.

The man’s employer, located in Chorley’s Southport Road, entered a plea of guilty to being in breach of the Work at Height Regulations in Worceter Magristrates’ Court.  The court ordered Tower Hire Services Ltd to pay an £8,000 fine and also ordered court costs of £6,644 to be paid by the company as well.

After the hearing one HSE inspector remarked that if the company had conducted a proper risk assessment of the task it had assigned to the young man, the accident could have been avoided easily.

Governmental statistics indicate that one of the largest causes of work accident claims are falls from height.

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