Motorcycle accident claim results in compensation award

One motorcycle accident claim that took place after a motorbike crash near Harrogate has resulted in personal injury compensation for the North Yorkshire police sergeant that was injured in the line of duty.

Sergeant Steve Ball, aged forty three, was recently awarded £370,000 after he was involved in a head-on traffic collision with another motorcycle rider.  Mr Ball was on duty at the time of the incident that resulted in his injury claims.

Following the crash, Mr Ball was rushed to hospital where he spent the next eleven days enduring surgical procedures that involved the transplant of nerves from his legs to replace those in his shoulder that had been irreparably damaged.  The four painful surgeries were to restore a modicum of movement to the right side of his injured body.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Mr Ball had no choice but to retire from the North Yorkshire Police Service, ending his police career early.  Additionally, the former police sergeant is still not only in pain all along the right side of his body, but he has only regained a limited range of movement.

After making a compensation claim against the other motorcyclist’s insurance company, Mr Ball was awarded £370,000 in a settlement out of court.

Describing the experience as extremely terrifying, Mr Ball stated that he had been thrown from his police motorcycle when the other bike rider collided head on with him after losing control of his own machine.  Mr Ball ended up flying through the air only to end up coming to rest in a nearby ditch.

Mr Ball also commented that one can never account for how other people on the road will act, despite how much experience and training one has in regards to driving safely.

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