Pothole plague causes yet another serious accident claim

The pothole plague gripping the nation’s roadways resulted in the recent filing of yet another accident claim after a Lancashire fire-fighter was sent careening over his bicycle’s handlebars on his way home from Nelson Fire Station at the end of his shift.

Padiham native Tony Clough ran afoul of a five inch deep pothole on his way back to his home on St John’s Road, according to his personal injury claim.  Despite the good lights his bicycle was equipped with, he failed to see the pothole barring safe passage in the dark ahead of him.  As a result Mr Clough was sent flying through the air as his bicycle wheel dipped into the pothole where he landed head first, sustaining serious injuries as he struck the road.

Mr Clough needed to stay home from work for a total of five weeks due to the severity of his injuries, which included a dislocated finger, severe bruising, and gruesome facial lacerations. Medical experts have told him that his wounds may never heal completely properly, which could necessitate reconstructive facial surgery sometime in the future.

Upon speaking with the Lancashire Telegraph, Mr Clough stated that he is currently considering a personal injury compensation claim against the county council.  Mr Clough stated that he was lucky to still be alive, as if he had been ahead of a truck or car at the time of the accident he could have been killed all too easily.

Following the incident Lancashire County Council did indeed fill in the pothole.  The injured fire-fighter scoffed at the pathetic nature of the council’s repair job, stating that it had been done unevenly and already showed signs of collapse.  Mr Clough predicted that it wouldn’t be much longer than a week before the pothole needed to be repaired again.

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