Changing clocks could result in more car accident claims

Injury solicitors in Scotland have recently raised concerns that the government’s current plan to change the clocks to bring an hour of sunlight later into the evening could end up causing more car accident claims.

If the change goes into effect, the shortest day of the year would see darkness until 9:45 am, instead of 8:45 am as it stands now.  Experts predict that the roads would become more dangerous due to reduced visibility that the number of traffic accident claims would increase significantly.

Personal injury compensation specialists in Scotland have expressed their concern for the proposal. One industry spokesperson stated that roads are a ‘hive of activity’ in the morning, but plunging that situation into darkness was a surefire way to increase the number of accidents.

The spokesperson stated that Scots will need to demonstrate an extra dose of vigilance if the change goes ahead, though it was always important to be cautious whilst behind the wheel.

The Prime Minister is being inconsiderate of the best interests of Northern voters, according to many Scottish MPs.  Angus Brendan MacNeil, MP for Western Isles, stated that doubling summer time for two months out of the year would lead to extremely late sunrises for those living anywhere north of Manchester.

The main driver behind the campaign to set the clocks ahead an additional hour has been the tourism boost that proponents of the plan are speculating.   This would help stimulate the economy by bringing billions of pounds of tourist revenue to the region, according to them.

Roads in Scotland have already taken a severe thrashing from the ice and snow this winter has brought.  Many are hesitant to throw an additional hour of darkness into the miss when the roads are in such a state of disrepair currently.

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