Potholes lead to local authorities paying more injury claims

Potholes across the nation’s roads could lead to local authorities paying more injury claims for personal injury compensation, states one motoring organisation.

In a recently published report, the AA stated that potholes have been the source of several car accident claims involving drivers and passengers sustaining serious injuries.

Organisation spokesman Paul Watters commented on the dangerousness of the situation.  Mr Watters specifically singled out cyclists as particularly vulnerable to pothole-related accidents.

The AA spokesman recently told BBC News that for those who chose that particular form of transport, potholes can be and are a serious problem.  He added that if a cyclist hits a pothole and ends up going over the handlebars, a pair of broken wrists is one common occurrence.

In the resultant personal injury claim, the local authority in charge may be ordered to pay a compensation award since they would be held liable for any accidents because road maintenance is their responsibility.

The BBC also found that UK authorities have been paying increasingly larger sums to those whose motor vehicles have suffered damage from a collision with a pothole.

One example indicated that North Yorkshire County Council saw an increase of £5,000 in regards to how much has been given out in compensation awards for the 2010-2011 financial year.  This brings the total the council has paid over the past 12 months to nearly £74,000.

Shropshire Council also paid £40,000 in pothole damage claims last year.  However, for the 2008-2009 financial year, the council paid a bit less than £3,000 in comparison.

In order to combat the problem, the government recently stated that additional funding to the tune of £100 million will be spread about to local authorities in order to fund their road maintenance and repair efforts.

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