Stablehand receives £127k in personal injury compensation

After falling from a height of eight feet from a scaffolding plank whilst engaging in steam cleaning a horse stable, one young stablehand filed a work accident claim that has led to a payout of £127,500 in personal injury compensation.

Revolving door to Asda knocks over elderly gran

The revolving door of an Asda supermarket was to blame for the recent injuries of a sixty nine year old grandmother, leaving her with serious personal injuries and a desire to file a personal injury compensation claim.

Motorcycle accident claim results in compensation award

One motorcycle accident claim that took place after a motorbike crash near Harrogate has resulted in personal injury compensation for the North Yorkshire police sergeant that was injured in the line of duty.

Lincolnshire pipework company fined £20k for work accident

One Lincolnshire based pipework company was recently slapped with a £20,000 fine for their part in the injury claims of a worker who became seriously injured in an accident involving a forklift truck.

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