Underground passenger wins £11,000 compensation award

One London Underground passenger recently won more than £11,000 in personal injury compensation after an altercation with a ticket collector.

Lewisham native Leib Spektor of Sangley Road had the route he had taken challenged by a employee of the London Underground after arriving at the Canada Water tube station, according to the man’s personal injury claim.  The situation escalated quickly after turning heated, and the employee forced Mr Spektor over a nearby barrier after grabbing hold of the man.

A London High Court judge ruled that Mr Spektor should be compensated by the London Underground for his injury claims.  Mr Spektor suffered injuries to both his lower back and his neck in the incident.

Mr Spektor’s original accident claim asked for more than £1 million in compensation.  The judge dismissed the large sum as ‘highly speculative’ and stated that based on the medical evidence presented by Mr Spektor, such a large sum was obviously inappropriate.

The judge did state that Mr Spektor had truly been victimised by the London Underground employee, who had used an inappropriate amount of force in the incident.  Despite the nature of Mr Spektor’s original claim being both exaggerated and excessive, the judge decided to award the injured man £11,925 in personal injury compensation.

The 58 year old Spektor did not have legal representation present for the hearing but instead chose to represent himself during all legal proceedings.  Other claims that the injured man had made in the hearing were for such items as reimbursement for a two-month therapeutic trip to Thailand, several thousand pounds’ worth of ready meals, and a lost opportunity to develop a piece of in-flight entertainment software for Quantas.

The judge dismissed all of Mr Spektor’s claims above his £11,000 compensation award.

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