RoSPA: employers need to do more to prevent injury claims

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has recently stated that employers need to do more to prevent work accident claims from occurring.

Injuries can occur in instances where employers neglect to provide sufficient attention to ensuring working environments are safe, says the RoSPA.  Employers who neglect their duty of care towards their staff may find that their workers will make personal injury claims against them due to injuries sustained whilst on the job.

Figures recently released by the RoSPA indicate that there are more than a million and a half injuries at work that occur on a yearly basis.  Additionally, more than two million cases of illness were reported that can have their cause traced back to conditions at work. Slips and trips were the largest cause of accident claims, the figures revealed; 42 per cent of serious injuries such as spinal damage and bone fractures resulted from workers losing their footing.

One personal injury at work expert recently commented on the RoSPA report by stating that employers should expect repercussions from neglecting to take the steps necessary to reduce the risk of injury debilitating their staff.   Workers who suffer injuries due to unsafe working environments quite often exercise their right to file accident claims against their employers for financial losses such as loss of earning and medical bills, the expert added.

Employers can take several different measures in order to reduce their risks of becoming embroiled in legal action and also protect their staff from harm.  Employers were advised that an easy way to prevent many injuries was to avoid placing any kind of unnecessary obstructions in high-traffic areas, tidy up any and all cabling, promptly mop up any spills, ensure all outdoor entrances have doormats, and provide adequate lighting for their employees at all times.

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