Motor accident claim leads to compensation award

A motor accident claim has led to one woman securing a personal injury compensation award.

The Hull native had been riding as a passenger in a vehicle when it had become involved in a crash on the way to Malton, North Yorkshire.  The accident victim declined to be named.

Her injury claims indicate that she sustained severe damage to her right arm.  Her injuries were so severe as to need two surgical procedures to correct the damage.  Additionally, she was left unable to work while she convalesced.

The injured woman initially sought the advice of an insurance company regarding the validity of her personal injury claim.  The insurer told her that her eligibility for compensation would grant her £3,000, provided she signed her name to a disclaimer preventing her from pursuing a larger compensation award.

After then seeking advice from a lawyer specialising in personal injury claims, the 32 year old woman went on to submit and win a personal injury compensation claim for a total of  £19,000 .

The victim stated that the insurance company had assured her that she didn’t require legal representation and put her under a lot of pressure to accept their £3,000 offer.  She also stated that anyone in a position similar to hers should think twice before signing anything that would limit an accident victim’s legal rights.

Recently published Department for Transport figures revealed that in 2009 the number of reported road casualties exceeded 220,000.  More than 24,000 people suffered serious injuries, while in excess of 2,200 people lost their lives.

Road traffic accident victims may be able to submit a compensation claim even if they were one of the vehicle’s passengers since motorists have a duty to provide for the safety of their passengers by driving responsibly.

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