Cambridge man wins £1,000 injury claim against McDonalds

One Cambridge man has recently won a personal injury claim against McDonalds to the tune of more than £1,000 for costs related to damage to his teeth whilst dining on a quarter-pounder at the fast food giant.

Kevin Smith had been enjoying a meal at the Rose Crescent McDonalds in Cambridge when the incident occurred, according to his injury claims.  Unfortunately that enjoyment was cut short when he found a bit of metal embedded in his meal the hard way – by biting down hard enough upon it to break a tooth.

Mr Smith required numerous dentist visits in order to repair the damage caused by the one-eighth inch square U-shaped piece of aluminium.  As a result of his injuries Mr Smith decided to file a personal injury compensation claim against the fast food company.

Mr Smith stated that he felt his luck must have run out when he bit down into the piece of metal.  However he was more concerned that there could have been much more serious consequences if it had been someone more vulnerable who had gotten the heavy metal hamburger – especially a young child.

McDonalds headquarters gave confirmation in regards to an incident occurring at the fast food giant’s Cambridge branch.  The company had launched an exhaustive investigation into the matter, they stated, and were relieved to have resolved the matter of Mr Smith and his injury claims.

Mr Smith’s entire compensation award totaled approximately £1,100, which would help pay his medical bills and also to alleviate some of the pain that he suffered as a consequence of his injury.  When asked if he would ever return to dine at one of the fast food giant’s many branches, he gave a very emphatic ‘no’ as a response.

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