Pensioner seeks personal injury compensation after nasty fall

After she fell on an uneven road and suffered two broken ankles, one pensioner is in search of personal injury compensation.

61 year old Dorothy Bradbury had been out shopping with her husband in Hanley when the incident occurred this past January, according to her accident claim.

Mr and Mrs Bradbury had been crossing Goodson Street when a piece of tarmac that had subsided in the middle of the road tripped her up.  She fell and became trapped in the road until she could be transported to hospital. There she had been told that she had suffered two broken ankles in the incident.

Ms Bradbury has been virtually housebound since her fall.  The grandmother needed to have a metal plate surgically implanted into her foot to facilitate healing, and she is still in plaster as well.

In her personal injury claim against the city council for Stoke-on-Trent, Mrs Bradbury states that the council failed to keep the highway in such a state as to prevent such injuries from occurring.

Mrs Bradbury commented on the state of the roads in the city, calling them disgusting.  Her husband Mr Clive Bradbury also commented by stating how his wife’s injuries have caused many different problems.  Mr Bradbury remarked that the road is in ‘disgraceful’ condition and implored the council to repair it so his wife’s fate is not shared with anyone else in the future.

A council spokesperson declined to take the opportunity to comment on this matter.

In related news cyclist Victoria Pendleton last month branded the highways in the UK as dangerous to all users of the road.  This follows on the Asphalt Industry Alliance’s new determination that there is an average of ten potholes for every mile of road in Wales and England.

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