11 year old girl seeks compensation through accident claim

One 11-year-old girl who became impaled on a spike on her way to return a library book is seeking personal injury compensation for her injuries.

Maisie London sustained her injuries in her rush to return a book this past November.  She tripped over her own feet and fell, only to become impaled on a bit of spiked chain fencing located on Leyton Green, Harpenden, according to her accident claim.

Maisie suffered a wound in her thigh that needed eight stitches after puncturing her jeans.  If she had fallen on her head or stomach her injuries could have been life-threatening, Maisie’s A&E doctor at Luton and Dunstable Hospital told her.

Details of Maisie’s injury claims include a painful recuperation period that required her to take time off from her studies.  She also needed an additional eight stitches after her original sutures failed to hold her wound closed properly.

Maisie stated that she now feels self-conscious wearing skirts at scool because people will stare at her scar.  People stare and comment on her scar when she plays football for Harpenden Colts and Watford Academy teams as well.  She also dreads the coming of this summer as her legs will be exposed.

Maisie had disparaging remarks for Harpenden Town Council, stating that it seemed to not care about her plight since it has not removed the spikes from the grassy expanse they were protecting.  She remarked that her family originally moved to Harpenden because they felt it was a safer place to live.  The Roundwood Park School year 7 pupil stated that she now has anxiety in places where the spikes are present.

As legal action is currently pending, Harpenden Town Council declined an opportunity to comment on the issue when approached by media officials.

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