Cycle accident claim leads to £5,000 award

One Bournemouth man’s cycle accident claim, in which he collided with a temporary roadwork sign, has seen him awarded with £5,000.

Roger Excell, of Columbia Road, had been travelling to his place of employment early one morning when he collided with the sign.  Mr Excell’s personal injury claim indicates that the sign was not lit and was blocking a cycle path.

Mr Excell’s injuries from the accident were serious.  The cyclist suffered torn ligaments and muscles throughout his legs and lower body, which left him unable to walk properly for several weeks.  As the incident saw Mr Excell’s cycling helmet break in two from the force of the collision, he also had to undergo a brain scan.

Mr Excell made a personal injury compensation claim against Poole County Borough Council.  He received a £5,000 compensation award after his case was heard at Bournesmouth County Court.

Mr Excell needed to take a week off from his job as a machine engraver due to the injuries he sustained in the incident. Mr Excell also provides registered care for his disabled wife, an arthritis sufferer and his injuries were severe enough to prevent him from providing care to her during his convalescence.  As a result, Mrs Excell had to perform a great many of the household chores.  This left her in great pain and discomfort due to her disabilities.

Many industry experts agree that Mr Excell’s final compensation claim may have been influenced by not only the loss of wages due to being too injured to work but also the inability for him to provide proper managed care to his wife.

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