Lichfield food firm fined for serious personal injury claim

After a Lichfield food firm worker submitted a serious personal injury claim, his employer has been fined for his personal injuries.

Zubair Hussain had his arm pulled into a moving conveyor when he was cleaning it. The conveyor had been recently installed at the Florette factory location at Fradley Park.

The employee’s personal injury compensation claim described how he spent a nineteen day hospital stay during his treatment.  He required two surgical procedures to correct the four arm breaks and one hand fracture.  Mr Hussain’s accident claim stated that there is a high likelihood for additional surgeries in store for him as well.

Mr Hussain’s employer was ordered to appear at Tamworth Magistrates’ Court to face charges of being in breach of Health and Safety Regulations.  After admitting liability, Soleco UK Ltd (trading as Florette), received a £10,000 fine.  The firm was additionally ordered to pay court costs of £2,587 for its role in Mr Hussain’s injuries.

According to a Health and Safety Executive investigation conducted in the wake of the incident, it was discovered that the machinery that led to Mr Hussain’s injuries was not properly equipped with adequate guards.  In the wake of the man’s injuries, his employer added guards to the conveyor; the cost of the addition was a mere £600.

One HSE inspector commented on the incident by stating that the conveyor should have had the guards purchased and installed by the supplier upon its initial commissioning.  The inspector stated that the company should have had a more rigorous purchasing and inspection policy set in place in regards to examining new equipment.  Doing so would have prevented Mr Hussain’s grievous injuries, the inspector added.

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