£2000 personal injury compensation for nightclub altercation

After nearly killing a stranger outside of a nightclub in Perth with a single punch, one 34-year-old man narrowly escapes jail time but still needs to pay the victim £2,000 in personal injury compensation.

When he appeared for sentencing at the Sheriff Court, David Wilson was ordered to pay a personal injury claim to Polish national Pawel Szostak after he left the man sprawled in an unconscious heap upon the ground.

Mr Szostak had been rushed to Perth Royal Infirmary but had proved uncooperative once admitted.  Mr Szostak stated he wanted to discharge himself but the examining doctor had concerns about his condition.  After a further medical examination it was revealed that Mr Szostak had sustained a sizable blood clot in his brain.

Depute fiscal Alan Kempton told the court that Mr Szostak was transferred to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee after he was additionally diagnosed with a skull fracture.  Mr Szostak was left with a permanent scar as a result of the requisite emergency neuro-surgery to alleviate his condition.

Mr Kempton added that had he not been given emergency treatment Mr Szostak’s injuries would have been life-threatening.  The Polish national now faces a long-term recovery, though his prognosis was good, remarked Mr Kempton.

Duncansby Way native Wilson has been ordered to complete 300 community service hours in addition to being put on probation for a period of two years in lieu of incarceration.  The altercation was Wilson’s first offence.

Wilson also faces being confined to his own residence for the next six months after nightfall, as well as being tagged.

The incident took place in late June of 2010.  Wilson had gone to the aid of a doorman that he perceived as being threatened by Mr Szostak.

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