Businesswoman seeks £54m in personal injury compensation

One businesswoman is seeking £54 million in personal injury compensation from her plastic surgeon after a botched cosmetic surgical operation allegedly ended her career.

Penny Johnson’s injury claims include being left with severe nerve damage to her face causing an involuntary grimace, pain, and twitching around one eye.  She blames Dr Le Roux Fourie, Leeds-based plastic surgeon, for bungling the medical procedure.

Her injuries had a direct impact on her business skills,  Mrs Johnson’s personal injury lawyers stated.  Her ability to meet face to face has been made exceedingly difficult since the botched surgery.

Together with her husband, Mrs Johnson controlled a successful IT and financial consultancy business prior to her injuries.  Estimates of Mrs Johnson’s lost earnings were calculated at £600,000 a year.

Legal representation for Dr Fourie did admit negligence.  However they argued that the direct results of Mrs Johnson’s potential earnings could not be influenced by her surgery.  Instead Dr Fourie’s personal injury lawyers stated that Mrs Johnson could have experienced a reduction in her potential earnings from several different sources.  The current economic downturn was listed as one possible source of lost income.

The matter is scheduled to be decided by hearing in High Court in the near future.  Several financial and medical experts are expected to give evidence at the hearing for both Mrs Johnson and Dr Fourie.

Industry experts agree that Mrs Johnson’s personal injury compensation case will undoubtedly be decided in her favour.  This is due to the admission of negligence on the part of Dr Fourie.  However the likelihood of a £54 million payout is quite reduced in the view of legal experts.  Many have predicted that a settlement will be reached out of court in order to avoid mounting costs and fees.

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