Driving sims lead to more car accidents, says new study

People who play driving simulators on their games console or computer submit more car accident claims than people who don’t, says one new recently released study.

A Continental Tyres study of incidences of traffic accident claims amongst driving game enthusiasts found that they are likely to be worse drivers than those who do not play such games.  The responses of 1,000 motorists who routinely play games such as Formula 1 and Gran Turismo were compared against 1,000 motorists of the same age who do not.  The results indicated that driving sim aficionados were more likely to go through red lights, exceed the posted speed limits, and have difficulties in performing simple manoeuvres whilst parking.

More detailed figures revealed that at 30 per cent, twice as many driving game fans have made insurance injury claims in the wake of an accident as those who habitually do not play such games. Additionally only 13 per cent of non-driving gamers were likely to speed, in comparison to the 25 per cent of respondents on the gamers’ side.

The rates of road rage and risky driving behaviour were also elevated in the gaming group. 45 per cent of respondents admitting to succumb to road rage as opposed to 22 per cent of the control group. Only 21 per cent of non-gamers engaged in risky overtaking manoeuvres and other dangerous driving tactics, while the number of driving game fans was over twice that at 44 per cent.

Industry experts are at a loss to explain the phenomenon.  Some car accident claim industry insiders initially thought that the motorists who spent more time playing driving-related games would have higher skill levels than their non-gaming counterparts, yet it is obviously not the case.  Other experts have suggested that the speed and dangerous driving in race-like settings – is why so many car game fanatics are turning out to be poor drivers.

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