£8 million personal injury compensation for one little girl

One eight year old girl has recently become the recipient of an £8 million personal injury compensation based on birth injury claims that had left her with severe brain damage.

Several hospital errors had led to Greater London native Holly Woods being deprived of oxygen while being delivered at Lewisham Hospital 8 years ago.  Hospital staff faced several medical negligence allegations such as neglecting to perform an emergency caesarean on Holly’s mother.

As a result of that decision Holly was deprived of oxygen she needed to survive.  The lack of air caused extensive brain damage to the girl, who is now wheelchair-bound for life with cerebral palsy.

While at London’s High Court, an agreement between Holly’s parents and the NHS Litigation Authority has led to an £8 million injury compensation claim.  The sum will be used to make sure that Holly is the recipient of the type of help she will need for the rest of her natural life.

Sarah Woods, the mother of the 8 year old child, commented that while the settlement will ensure that Holly will be able to receive the attention and care she requires in order to help her get the most from life, the money could never repair the damage that had been done to her daughter.

One Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust spokesperson commented on the case as well.  The trust expressed pleasure that a settlement had been reached that was amicable. Furthermore the trust also stated their hopes for Holly and her family best wishes for the future.

No information was available on the structure of the settlement being made to Holly’s family and whether it would consist of one lump sum or if it would be paid out in index-linked annual payments.

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