Whiplash injuries can be misleading, says one expert

One car accident claim expert has recently warned those suffering from whiplash to take their injuries seriously.

Traffic accident claims can be both traumatic and terrifying to their victims.  Neck or whiplash injuries can occur quite commonly in such accidents; as a result many personal injury lawyers have been cut out of the compensation loop by insurers in an effort to get victims to settle quickly and on the cheap.  However industry experts state that claimants need to take precaution and care before agreeing to any quick direct settlement.

Experts say that claimants should seek proper representation in order to avoid feeling pressured by the tactics employed by insurers.  A properly calculated compensation claim can sometimes be more than 15 times higher than an insurer might offer an injured victim.

Whiplash and other neck injuries can be very misleading.  The initial injury can sometimes masquerade as something as minor as a stiff neck unless the injured party is examined properly by a medical professional.  Unfortunately serious neck injuries can quite often lead to long-term problems or future health issues further down the road.  A later claim may no longer be possible if a quick settlement is made.  This can result in the loss of what could be a substantial additional compensation on behalf of the injury victim.

One industry expert stated that compensation claim cases in regards to whiplash and other neck-related injuries should always be dealt with by a qualified legal professional. Many firms specialise in such personal injury claims, which can lead to extensively experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.  This regularly leads in turn  to claimants succeeding in their legal proceedings efforts much more often than they would with a more inexperienced firm.

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