Collapsing roof leads to accident claim for demolition worker

After he fell down through the collapsing roof of a garage that had been slated for demolition, one Grimsby worker suffered a serious work accident claim.

The unnamed man was employed by Grimsby-based demolition company H. Cope & Sons Ltd at the time of the accident claim.  He suffered both a broken wrist and a shattered leg when the roof of the garage on which he had been standing collapsed, sending him plummeting to the ground below.

After being rushed to hospital, the worker was told that surgical procedures would be required in order to properly treat his personal injury claims.  Plates and pins needed to be surgically inserted in order to hold his limbs together properly as they healed. The likelihood that he will  ever be able to return to his former role as demolition worker is slim to none, as the man has spent more than 12 months on crutches as a result of his severe injuries.

The man’s employer was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for their role in his injuries.  The company, located on Moody Lane, Grimsby, was given a fine of £12,000 for the incident.  Additionally the courts instructed H. Cope & Sons Ltd to pay £3,570 in legal costs as well.

One HSE spokesperson stated that the devastating injuries suffered by the unnamed worker might have been avoided quite easily if the work had been supervised and planned properly.  Official figures reveal that nearly 4,000 similar accidents occurred last year alone across the country, many which could have been avoided as well.

No information was made available on whether the unnamed worker’s personal injury claims would be compensated by his employer or their business liability insurance cover.

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