Paratrooper awarded personal injury compensation by MoD

One paratrooper that lost his leg fighting in Afghanistan was recently awarded personal injury compensation by the Ministry of Defence.

Sergeant Stuart Pearson was serving in the Parachute Regiment of the 3rd Battalion in September of 2006 when he suffered his injury claims.  At the time of the incident he had been in Helmand Province attempting to rescue an injured compatriot from a minefield.

Sergeant Pearson suffered a horrific personal injury claim when he stepped on an anti-personnel mine.  The paratrooper’s injuries were so severe his left leg needed to be amputated.  Additionally he may face amputation in his right limb as well due to complications from the blast as well.

During a 2008 investigation into the incident discovered that the soldiers had not been provided with information regarding the location of the minefield.  The investigation also discovered that the soldiers were not provided with helicopter air support that would have been able to evacuate them in case of emergency.

The Ministry of Defence also faced criticism for neglecting to fit winches on its aircraft in order to facilitate quickly airlifting personnel to safety.

After taking legal action against the MoD for breaching its duty to him prior to contact with the enemy, Sergeant Pearson has been awarded £1.7 million in compensation for his pain and suffering.  The award will also go towards the costs of his prosthetic limbs and his medical care.

The wounded paratrooper’s final compensation award may increase significantly in the future, however. In the event that the Sergeant should need an additional amputation he will be permitted to return to the High Court in order to pursue additional personal injury compensation from the MoD.

The Ministry declined an opportunity to comment on the particulars of the case.

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