Teenage girl wins £5.3m in personal injury compensation

After mistakes during her delivery left her with serious injury claims, one teenage girl has finally won a £5.3 million personal injury compensation claim.

During her delivery in1995 at St Mary’s Hospital in Milton, Sophie Taylor suffered oxygen starvation in her brain.  As a result Sophie has struggled with cerebral palsy for her entire life.  She has difficulties communicating with speech, has spasticity in each of her four limbs, and is wheelchair-bound as well thanks to the accident claim that caused her condition.

As a result of her medical needs, Sophie’s mother and family filed a personal injury claim on her behalf.  Sophie’s medical negligence solicitors stated that medical staff instigated a delay in her delivery that caused her to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  It was demonstrated at trial that Sophie could have avoided injury if she had been born just six minutes sooner.

The NHS Trust for Portsmouth Hospitals made an admission of liability for the teenage girl’s injuries in February of 2009.  Nearly two years later a settlement for compensation has been reached that will see Sophie and her family receiving a £5.3 million compensation award. The cash will be put aside to provide for Sophie’s medical care, which she will need for the rest of her life.  Additionally the money will be used in order to provide her with long term accommodation that will be adapted specifically to her in order to be more suitable to her physical limitations.

Despite the extensive care Sophie will need for the rest of her life, she has been described in court as both lively and bright. An NHS Trust spokesperson once again expressed their deep regret to both Sophie and her family.  The spokesperson also wished nothing but the best for the family in future years.

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