£8m personal injury compensation awarded for birth injury

One thirteen year old girl has recently been awarded £8 million in personal injury compensation for the injuries she sustained during her birth.

Ayesha Canning-Kishver was born premature, weighing just four ounces shy of two pounds after delivery.  The young girl was healthy and reportedly doing well despite her frail condition, Ayesha’s injury solicitors told the London High Court recently.

However Ayesha was left close to death and in critical condition stemming from a delay in her diagnosis when she contracted two ‘super-bugs’ whilst still in hospital.  The delay in treatment to her led Ayesha to sustain brain damage that left her in need of medical care for the rest of the natural life of the child.

Ayesha’s mother  Shahana Kishver brought a personal injury claim against West Birmingham and Sandwell NHS trust on the grounds that medical negligence led to her daughter’s delay in treatment and the brain injuries she subsequently suffered.

The NHS Trust at first denied any negligence claims made by Ayesha’s family.  However they were found to be responsible after a High Court trial.

Though thirteen years have elapsed since Ayesha’s birth, she and her family have been awarded an approximate £8 million personal injury compensation package.  While details on the structuring of her settlement have not been divulged industry experts agree that Ayesha’s total cash payments will most likely consist of one lump sum in addition to regular yearly payments for the rest of the young girl’s life.

A NHS spokesperson expressed regret that the delays leading up to the girl’s condition occurred.  The spokesperson added that it was now clear that the level of care Ayesha received as a child did not meet the required standards.

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