Teenage boy wins medical negligence case for arm injury

After suffering injury claims at his birth that left him with limited use of one arm one teenage boy has recently won his medical negligence case against the NHS.

Thirteen year old Whitburn native Brandon Hudson is a perfectly normal teenaged boy – except that during his birth he suffered a serious personal injury claim when a young doctor damaged his arm by applying too much pressure to it.  Brandon’s doctor had been endeavouring to free his head during his birth to counter complications in his delivery at the time.

The incident left the nerves in Brandon’s shoulder permanently damaged.  As a result of the accident claim it has made it difficult for the teenaged boy to grip objects with his left hand.  His nerve injuries also make it impossible for him to execute dexterous movements.  For many activities Brandon attempts to participate in using both of his arms effectively is simply an impossible task.

Brandon’s family made a personal injury compensation claim against the NHS Foundation Trust for South Tyneside.  His family’s allegations included that Brandon’s birth had been managed in a negligent manner.

Initially the trust refused to accept responsibility for Brandon’s condition.  However the organisation recently agreed to axxept 87.5 per cent liability for the incident.  A court hearing later approved the figure.

The value of Brandon’s compensation has not yet been determined.  However an additional hearing has been scheduled in the future in order to make that determination.  Legal representatives for Brandon’s family have estimated that the teenager’s claim is worth six figures, with sums as high as £500,000 a distinct possibility.

No further comments have been made by either the NHS or Brandon’s family regarding the nature of Brandon’s compensation claim at this time.

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