Victim challenges his personal injury compensation

One work accident claim victim has recently challenged his personal injury compensation award, claiming that his injuries were severe enough to merit a more substantial award.

Clark Longmuir suffered injury claims when he was engulfed in a fiery explosion on an offshore rig in July of 2006.  His injuries were so severe that after he was rushed to hospital by air ambulance he was placed into a medically induced coma for more than two weeks in order to facilitate the healing process.

His work accident claim compensation was calculated using several factors.  Two of the most noteworthy of these factors include the stroke that Mr Longmuir suffered in the aftermath of the incident and also that the 59-year-old has been unable to return to his previous position on the offshore rig.

Mr Longmuir’s employer Maersk Drilling admitted liability for the incident and offered the injured man a settlement.  However Mr Longmuir declined the offer because he felt it was insufficient to allow him to meet all his needs on such a small sum of money.  Mr Longmuir added that he refused to “live in poverty” due to a reluctance on the part of Maersk to pay more in compensation.

Legal representatives on both sides o the dispute have independently confirmed that legal proceedings are currently under way.  Personal injury lawyers are therefore considered to be likely involved on both sides in efforts to negotiate a solution that will be agreeable to both Maersk and Mr Longmuir.

In related news statistics reveal that throughout the entirety of 2010 work accident claim compensation payouts for workers in the UK public sector totalled in excess of £327 million.

Maersk declined to comment further due to the ongoing nature of the case.

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