Personal injury lawyers win £100,000 settlement for injured client

The personal injury lawyers of one client recently won a £100,000 traffic accident claim settlement after her insurance company offered her only £14,000 in compensation for her injuries.

A spokesperson from the injury solicitors stated that those involved in car accident claims may have concerns that their insurers may not offer adequate claim support.   They point to the increasing number of cases they have been taking on recently where insurers have attempted to get injured motorists to accept much lower settlements than they may be entitled to, most likely in an effort to control costs.

The firm further pointed to how their most recent case involved an injured client who had been offered just £14,000 for her injuries.  The 28 year old client suffered severe injuries to her legs in addition to a less serious head injury during a road traffic accident in 2005.

The trend of underpayment by insurance firms is a worrying one, say industry experts.  Quality seems to be suffering from the reliance on volume for these firms, experts stated, and there have been streams of cases involving clients approaching legal representation for a second opinion on the offers made to them by their insurers.

In another example, one family of three had been encouraged to accept a settlement payment of around £4,500 directly from their insurers but were able to obtain £38,000 from private legal representation.  A more striking example involved an award of £1.08 million for a businessman who needed to have his leg amputated following one tragic accident.  The businessman pursued outside aid after he became appalled at the lack of progress of his case at the hands of his insurer.

Experts state that in some cases where insurers never meet the client in person, some injury symptoms are being overlooked altogether.

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