Medical negligence case leads to an amputated limb

One recent case of medical negligence that led to a misdiagnosed condition and resultant amputation has recently come to light.

74 year old Brian Dowsett had been experiencing severe pain in his right leg in January of 2007.  As a result he went to see Dr Hans Raj Yadav.  Originally managed by Croydoc, the care facility is now owned by Patient Care 24.

The physician told Mr Dowsett that there was nothing amiss with his leg despite the fact that it had gone white.  The doctor then sent the man home.  Days afterward Mr Dowsett was rushed to hospital as his condition worsened.

While at hospital it was discovered that he had an obstruction of a major artery.  Despite being quickly ushered into a surgical procedure his leg was unable to be saved.  As a result the only option was amputation.

According to the patient he has been the victim of negligent care by both the dotor and the medical care service by which he was employed.  The doctor has since been struck off following the incident.  Mr Dowsett commented that he wished the doctor had told him to go to A&E instead of sending him home, as doing so might have saved his leg.

The man’s injury solicitors claim that Croydon Primary Care Trust neglected to properly check its doctors’ references.  Additionally the trust stands accused of being unaware of the poor treatment record of Dr Yadav.

Mr Dowsett hopes to make a personal injury claim for the pain and suffering he had to endure due to the medical negligence on the part of Dr Yadav.

Patient Care 24 declined to comment on the issue.  A spokesperson for the medical care company stated that while the lawsuit is active it would be improper to make any comments regarding the nature of the allegations.

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