Medical negligence leads to £15,000 in compensation

After one South Wales woman suffered serious personal injury claims as the result of a routine facelift operation she recently received £15,000 in personal injury compensation from a leading cosmetic surgery clinic.

Gower, South Wales native Denise Maitland claims that the seductive nature of such television programmes as ‘Cosmetic Surgery Live’ and ‘Ten Years Younger’ convinced her to having the surgery.  However after her experiences she now advises other women to reconsider in light of the serious consequences her own plastic surgery had for her.

After her surgery Ms Maitland suffered serious complications such as heavy bleeding.  As a result of her ordeal she has been left not only mentally and physically scarred but also £5,000 poorer after spending the sum on the botched surgical procedure.  Ms Maitland had raided her personal life savings in order to pay for the surgical procedure.

The South Wales woman’s complications began in the wake of her surgeon neglecting to inspect Ms Maitland’s wounds properly before releasing her from the clinic. As a result of the heavy bleeding Ms Maitland suffered permanent facial tissue damage due the onset of skin necrosis. Ms Maitland underwent emergency surgical procedures in order to repair the damage.  Moreover for the next two years she was in need of specialised care.

In retaliation against the Midlands-based clinic Ms Maitland launched a medical negligence personal injury claim.  She recently came to an out of court settlement in which she was awarded a total of £15,000 in damages.

Ms Maitland stated that she had deep regrets about undergoing the operation.  She issued a warning to other women that they should think twice before deciding to go under the knife for any kind of cosmetic surgery.

The clinic which conducted the surgical procedure at Ms Maitland’s request were unreachable for comment.

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