Engineer awarded £100,000 personal injury claim settlement

One engineer recently received a personal injury claim award for  £100,000 after she suffered a minor head injury and serious knee injuries in a motor accident claim.

Identified by court documents as only ‘Ms D,’ the injured party suffered her injury claims when another vehicle hit her Renault Clio on the M60. As a result of the accident her knee problems have been both serious and ongoing.  Her mobility at both work and at home have been inpacted, who was quite keen on sports before her injuries.

As a result of her injuries medical experts predict that her knee will need to be fully replaced before the age of 50.  In the meantime the woman, now in her late 20s, requires a substantial amount of surgery in order to regain some lost mobility.

Ms D’s personal injury lawyers commented that her motor insurer wanted to settle the matter with just £14,000 in damages.  Due to the physically demanding nature of her employment at Manchester airport as an engineer, her legal representation felt that the compensation award needed to be much higher.  This is especially true if Ms D is going to experience ongoing knee problems that will require further substantial surgery.

Additionally Ms D’s lawyers wished for a higher settlement amount to counteract any loss of earnings going forward during the treatment of her injuries.  While Ms D recovers she will have limited mobility and may very well be in need of aid in the performance of everyday tasks whilst she is undergoing treatment.

Ms D commented that she was very gratified that she did not take the original settlement as offered to her by the insurer.  Instead she found a legal firm that fought hard for her and secured her a large compensation reward as a result.

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