Personal injury compensation paid to injured man

A personal injury compensation settlement of £5,000 was awarded to one man after being injured at work.  However his employer neglected to pay the sum and has now been incarcerated for failure to pay his employee’s work accident claim.

Mr Chris Highnell was injured in the course of his work handling fireworks in 2008.  The incident left him with multiple facial injuries and required him to undergo several reconstructive surgical procedures, according to reports in the Bristol Evening Post.

Mr Highnell recently decided to take his case to court in a bid to receive further personal injury claim compensation.  If he can prove criminal responsibility on the part of his employer he may be entitled to a larger compensation award.

Mr Highnell’s employer had been ordered to pay the £5,000 accident claim.  However Jason Edgecombe has been incarcerated for a period of 88 days after he neglected to pay one instalment of the sum.  Doing so triggered Mr Edgecombe’s obligation to settle the remaining balance of what is owed to Mr Highnell.

After he was found in breach of the conditions of his sentence, which had been suspended, a warrant for Mr Edgecombe’s arrest had been issued several weeks ago.

Mr Highnell is still unable to work after his injuries, which left him without sight in one of his eyes.  Due to his lack of income he has had to put his beloved motorcycle up for sale.  He also has come to rely on the help of his wife heavily.

Mr Highnell still has difficulties after his eye injury, stating that he is still unable to put down a cup of hot coffee without relying on the use of his hands to judge distances.  Other little things that many of us take for granted are also a trial for the man such as walking up or down steps, putting a glass under a tap, or peeling potatoes.

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