HSE calls for reduction to work accident claims

The Health and Safety Executive has issued a fresh call to reduce work accident claims in the UK for the coming year.

The regulatory organisation recently issued last year’s injury claims figures.  These figures highlight a reduction to serious personal injury claims versus the figures of the year preceding last.  Additionally these figures show that the number of fatal work accident claims has reached a record low.

Despite this good news, the HSE has warned against complacency.  The organisation instead has urged that more work must be done in order to reduce the number of accident claims further.

In England’s North-West region the 2009-2010 period saw a total of 19 work accident claims occur. For the 2008-2009 year, this is 4 less than the previous total of 23.  Despite this the HSE issued the reminder that 19 accident claims are still too many.  The regulatory authority stated that a reduction to the rate is cold comfort to the family and friends left behind by the fatal accident victims, who are missed terribly.

In further statistical figures the same region reported that workers suffered 3,301 major injuries.  Additionally there were 11,541 injuries which required workers to miss more than three work days in order to recover.  Again these figures were less than the previous year’s totals.  Major injuries for the 2008-2009 period amounted to 3,432, while injuries that resulted in extended work absences were 13,086.

One HSE spokesperson remarked that it was encouraging to see the fall in accident numbers.  Despite this the spokesperson stated that employers have a duty to remain vigilant and to remember that simple measures towards providing safe environments for their workers is something that saves lives.

Many of the UK’s thousands of workers who become injured throughout the course of their duties go on to file work accident claims.

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