Whiplash injuries faked by EDL supporters in accident claim

Seventy-eight supporters of the English Defence Leage have recently filed claims for whiplash-related injuries during a coach crash.  Unfortunately at the time of the accident claim there were but 25 of the supporters on board.

The claims originate from when  a coach transporting party members from Gateshead was involved in a minor traffic accident claim on its way to Preston, Lancashire.  Many dozen EDL supporters have since submitted personal injury compensation for whiplash purportedly caused by the crash since then.

Unfortunately the vehicle involved in the accident has only 57 seats, according to the coach firm.  Moreover there were only 25 passengers on the bus at the time of the accident. Gateshead-based Caris Coaches is now considering legal action for fraud, according to spokesperson Maria Caris.  Ms Caris feels her firm is being targeted by the extremist anti-militant Islamic political party.

Ms Caris found the actions of the claimants hard to believe indeed, especially in light of how many claims have been made in comparison to the number of passengers on the bus.  The bus company’s phone has been rung nonstop by people looking for its insurance details, she stated.  Meanwhile there are at least 78 people claiming to have been on the coach during the accident.

When asked how many could have received their injuries, Mr Caris stated that the whiplash-like injuries could have easily been sustained at the rally they were attending.  The spokeswoman added that since the rally ended with violent clashes with the authorities, the EDL supporters could have been injured if they had been involved with the violence with the police in Preston.

The driver of the coach expressed amazement at how any of the passengers were injured in last month’s crach.  Cristopher Cartwright stated that there was barely a scratch on the coach’s back corner.

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