Traffic accident claim in North Wales results in injuries

One traffic accident claim in Flintshire, North Wales, has led to spinal, neck, and knee injuries for a 22-year-old woman, sources say.

The accident claim occurred when the woman’s blue Peugeot 106 XL Zest was involved in  a crash near junction 33 of the A55.  The accident occurred on December the 29th at 11.40 AM.  How the accident occurred is not precisely known at this current time.

Two ambulances were in attendance at the scene.  The woman was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd after being placed on a spinal board to prevent her injury claims from becoming exacerbated.

There was only one other passenger in the car during the accident, a one year old child who luckily escaped completely unharmed.

One eye witness reported that the car had been quite well damaged in the accident.  While the inside lane’s traffic had become stationary for some time, according to the witness, it began moving again after emergency responders cleared the road of any debris.

In related news, one toddler has recently made an unprecedented recovery from serious spinal injuries that he sustained as the result of a traffic accident claim.

Micah Andrews stunned his doctors after the ‘internal decapitation’ he suffered during the accident healed.  The young boy’s head had become completely disconnected from his spine due to a massive jolt he received in a car accident.

Even the barest of movements could have left Micah either paralysed for life or dead whilst he was in such a life-threatening condition.  This made both his rescue and subsequent surgery exceedingly difficult to carry out without causing even more damage to the young child.

Doctors were forced to wedge the boy’s head between two sandbags to immobilise it.  Micah then underwent a nerve-wracking operation to have his bones and vital nerve stems reattached.

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