Kitchen explosion leads to pub landlord’s injury claims

A kitchen explosion involving a fryer has led to one South Tyneside pub landlord suffering from serious injury claims recently.

Well known County Hotel landlord Colin Purdy suffered serious personal injury claims in the form of burns across his upper body when a fryer in the kitchen of the pub exploded after overheating.  The Sunderland Road, South Shields pub boss was showered with incredibly hot fryer oil as a result.

Mr Purdy was quickly rushed to South Tyneside Hospital for his initial treatment.  He was soon transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle in critical condition.  40 per cent of his head and upper body were burned terribly.

Facts remain unclear at this time but initial reports indicate that Mr Purdy had gone to investigate a kitchen fire at the time of the incident.  He was covered in hot fryer oil when he opened a door in the pub.  Despite his terrible injuries, onlookers stated that Mr Purdy walked with the help of paramedics to a waiting ambulance whilst he wore an oxygen mask.

One eye witness to the accident claim stated that the entire building shook and doors were blown open when the explosion occurred.  The pub was evacuated as the fire alarms went off.

The local fire brigade responded to calls to get the fire under control.  They remained on site until the pub was declared safe.  In the wake of the fire, the circumstances surrounding the incident are now currently being investigated by both the environmental health department of the South Tyneside Council in conjunction with the fire service.

The County Hotel’s owners remarked that the matter was currently under investigation.  A Sizzling Pub Company spokesperson stated that one of the priorities of the investigation was the safety of the work staff at the County Hotel.

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