Motorbike riders cautioned against motorcycle accident claims

Many thousands of motorbike owners derive pleasure and passion from riding their motorcycles on UK roads every year.  However the prevalence of motorcycle accident claims in the UK should give any motorcyclist pause.

Motorcycle riders need to be aware that a simple traffic accident claim can have dire consequences due to their higher level of vulnerability.  The relative safety of being inside a car can lead to minimal injury claims in the event of a collision, but the injuries sustained by motorbike riders can be very severe indeed in comparison.

Motorcyclists comprise an uneven number of serious personal injury claims and fatalities whilst on the road.  Only 1 per cent of UK vehicle traffic is due to motorcycles, yet their riders account for 14 per cent of accident statistics.

It can be all too easy to lay the blame securely on the head of inattentive car drivers.  Motorcyclists need to shoulder their percentage of responsibility as well, and as darker nights and winter weather bring more challenging riding conditions with them, motorcyclists need to take steps to maximise their safety whilst on the road.

Increasing your visibility as a bike rider will do much to decrease the probabilities of getting into an accident, say experts.  The average car is approximately three times as wide as the typical motorcycle.  During the evening or in overcast conditions motorcycles can become difficult to be seen by other motorists due to their smaller size.

One accident expert stated that standard procedure for motorcyclists is to ride with their dipped beam on during daylight hours.  This will improve visibility to other drivers.  Also, the expert stated that wearing highly visible clothing will increase the chances that other motorists will be aware of a motorcycle rider’s presence greatly.

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