Bus company refuses car accident claim

One South Yorkshire mum was recently infuriated when a motor accident claim that resulted in garden to her damage wall was refused by the company that owned the vehicle.

After a bus had been abandoned due to heavy snow, pranksters released its handbrake and rolled it down the hill into Pat Drayton’s home on Workshop Road, Swallownest.  The resultant traffic accident claim caused £1,000 pounds of damage and barred Mrs Drayton from leaving her home for nearly an entire day.

Mrs Drayton and her husband John found that the bus had damaged their wall once it had been towed away.  The brickwork had been dislodged by the collision. However when the Draytons filed a road accident claim against the bus company they were told by the company’s insurers that they would not be entitled to any compensatory damages.  The reason given was that the accident did not occur at the fault of the driver.

The 51 year old married woman stated that the insurer callously disregarded the couple’s dilemma.  Due to the fact that the actual perpetrators of the act will never be found, both she and her husband were suffering the consequences, she added.

South Yorkshire deputy managing director for the bus company Brandon Jones expressed his incredulous disbelief that an anonymous band of culprits managed to dislodge the bus.  Calling their behaviour mindlessly idiotic, he nevertheless stated that the bus company cannot be held accountable for the actions of vandals or the effects of inclement weather conditions.

The bus had become stuck on the hill above Mrs Drayton’s house at around 7 in the evening.  Around three hours later, the bus then rolled down to come to a crashing halt against her garden wall.  Mrs Drayton stated that based on how many cars were being abandoned all around it, the bus was quite obviously blocking the entire road.

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