Medical negligence leaves woman with 10 minute memory

After medical negligence left a woman with the inability to remember more than ten minutes into her own past, her personal injury lawyers have secured her a settlement in the millions of pounds.

41 year old Cristina Malcolm suffered a collapse in her bathroom in July of 2002, most likely caused by a brain haemorrhage.  Unfortunately her injury claims were improperly diagnosed by hospital staff and her GP.  Two weeks after her initial collapse Mrs Malcolm suffered an additional, more serious haemorrhage and was rushed to Newcastle General Hospital.

There she was treated for her injuries through a surgical procedure that removed half a litre of blood that had pooled inside her brain.  The County Durham native spent nearly three months in intensive care.  Before being discharged home she spent a total of nearly six months between hospital and rehabilitation stays.

Cristina’s second haemorrhage left her with permanent brian damage.  Now without the ability to remember anything past ten minutes, she has been trapped in her own mind for years since her injuries.

Cristina’s husband pursued a personal injury claim on his wife’s behalf.  Hospital executives accepted a 95 per cent total liability for Cristina’s claim, leading to a figure of £4.46 million in personal injury compensation.  The settlement will be used to provide the constant medical care Cristina is in need of due to her injuries.

Mr Malcolm stated that despite the millions of pounds received in settlement compensation, he is still anguished over the mistakes made by the medical staff in neglecting to treat his wife properly. He feels that if the responsible staff members had properly examined his wife after her initial collapse, the second haemorrhage might have been prevented.

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