Work accident claim results in more lost fingers

The manufacturing industry is notorious for work accident claims due to negligence on the part of an employer.  Time and again employers are issued warnings by the Health and Safety Executive on how to avoid accident claims, but still workers continue to become injured.

Once again, due to a terrible injury that resulted in the ultimate amputation of several fingers from a worker’s hand, one company has been issued a hefty fine.

John Watson suffered his injury claims in June of 2009 after almost two decades of working for Komatsu UK Ltd.  Mr Watson had been tasked with drilling holes in steel plates in order to provide the factory with storage racking, but while conducting the task the drill became entangled in his gloves.  As a result his hand came into contact with the drill’s spinning bit.

Mr Watson’s hand injuries were devastating.  The incident led to the amputation of several fingers on his right hand.  His middle finger was partially removed between the second and first knuckles.  Additionally his third finger was completely amputated. Mr Watson also needed to have a piece of bone surgically removed from his hand.  As a result, the factory worker has been unable to return to work.

After the Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation of the factory, the regulatory body found that the drilling machine had no guard on it that would have prevented dangerous moving parts coming into contact with workers’ hands.  Additionally the HSE found that Mr Watson had not been issued warnings regarding the dangers inherent in wearing gloves whilst operating such machinery despite the known entanglement risks.

The firm entered a plea of guilty in regards to their breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.  As a result of their plea, the High Court assessed Komatsu UK Ltd with a £6,000 fine.

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