Landlady pursuing personal injury claim against pub company

One landlady has decided to pursue a personal injury claim against one Henley based pub company after a work accident claim involving a ladder.  The claimant is seeking nearly £100,000 in damages.

Plowden Arms pub operator Mira Bateman is seeking personal injury compensation for a 2007 New Year’s Day injury involving the ladder. Whilst climbing to the attic of the pub, the 55 year old landlady fell as the ladder slipped.  Mrs Bateman blames the eye designed to hold the hook at the top end of the ladder for her fall, which resulted in her losing consciousness whilst she hung from one of the ladder’s rungs by her neck.

Rupert Croft, Mrs Bateman’s accident solicitor, claims that Brakspear neglected to meet their duty of reasonable care in correcting the defective ladder.  Mr Croft stated that Brakspear either knew or should have known about the faulty ladder eye hook.

Mrs Bateman’s injuries related to the fall include inflammation of her tendons and a fracture in multiple vertebrae in her back.  Despite the pain her injuries cause her, she continues to serve as operator of the pub.

Brakspear had been notified of Mrs Bateman’s injuries.  However according to Mrs Bateman the firm offered no help.  In comparison Brakspear has stated that Mrs Bateman’s claims are completely unfounded and will not be communicating with Mrs Bateman or her solicitor until the case is reviewed internally.

In addition to pursuing her personal injury claim against Brakspear, Mrs Bateman has levied additional accusations against the firm.  According to Mrs Bateman, Brakspear has imposed selling prices that are unfair.  They have done so, she claims, by captialising on their dominant position as sellers in the local marketplace.

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