Electrocution and fall leads to work accident claim

One mechanical fitter suffered several injury claims after he was electrocuted and fell from his ladder while conducting maintenance near an unmarked power line.

David Minor had been subcontracted to Ridgeons Ltd, a timber merchant, at the time of the work accident claim in September of 2008.  While he was fixing an overhead crane system he came in contact with an unmarked live conductor. 415 volts of electricity surged through Mr Minor’s body, leaving him to tumble from the ladder he was perched upon due to the severe electric shock.

Mr Minor fell 18 feet to the ground and landed on the concrete floor below him.  He broke his heel and his ankle in the accident claim, and also suffered a fractured vertebra in his back.  Additionally he suffered burns to his hands due to the initial shock.

The Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigations of Ridgeons Ltd following the incident.  The HSE then prosecuted the timber merchant for their breach of the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations for their role in Mr Minor’s injuries.  At a hearing at Magistrates’ Court in Bury St Edmunds they received a fine of £5,000.

A Health and Safety Executive inspector issued a statement in conjunction with the verdict.  The inspector reminded firms that all individuals conducting work on behalf of a company needed to follow safe working practices.  This holds true for direct employees and subcontractors alike, the inspector added.

In many cases, badly hurt workers that suffer injuries whilst on the job will go on to file personal injury claims against their employers. However there have been no reports of Mr Minor filing any such claim for damages in regards to the terrible injuries he sustained whilst working as a subcontractor for Ridgeons Ltd.

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