RTA claim numbers rise in cold weather

Car accident claim numbers have rose significantly during the recent period of wintry weather, one insurer states.

Co-operative Insurance recently stated that drivers would be wise to exercise caution to protect their vehicles and themselves from traffic accident claims during periods of cold, icy weather conditions such as the one currently gripping the nation.

The insurer had an unprecedented number of personal injury claims related to the snow and ice this weekend, it said in a recent statement.

The company’s general insurance director David Neave stated that the firm’s figures indicate a 40 per cent rise in claims compared to the previous weekend.  He remarked that this is due to the cold weather currently impacting the country.

Mr Neave added that motorists should keep prepared for winter roadside incidents.  His recommendations included having some spare warm clothes in the car in the event of a breakdown or an accident.  he also counselled motor vehicle operators to keep an emergency kit in the boot of their car.

Most importantly, he concluded, was to drive as responsibly as possible.

Many insurers are concerned with the uptick in personal injury claims numbers recently.  Many other companies have issued similar warnings to their customers in order to minimise costly personal injury compensation payouts.

One such company has become so hyper-vigilant in its attempts to avoid rising costs as to issue warnings that some consider to border on the absurd.  Swinton Insurance claims that thick-soled winter boots could lead to accidents if their customers drive with them on.

Swinton claims that thick waterproof winter boots may impede a motorist’s ability to properly operate the pedals on their car.  In order to alleviate the problem, the insurer recommends keeping a pair of “driving shoes” with your car so you can switch footwear before hitting the road.

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