No win no fee accident claims may rise after Christmas

According to one firm, no win no fee accident claims may rise after the Christmas celebration season.

According to one insurer, the threat of traffic accident claims is heightened by more than drink drivers.  Passengers who exceed the legal limit also account for a rise in claims as well.

Swift Cover stated recently that individuals that are behind the wheel are no more in danger of suffering road accident claims than are those who ride as passengers in the same car.

In a study recently conducted by the insurance firm, passengers over the legal limit were found to contribute to 100,00 accidents. The study also found that 650,000 near misses can be attributable to inebriated passengers as well.  With an estimated 35 million tipsy partygoers set to beg a ride by the New Year, these figures could be set to increase.

Swift Cover’s claims director Robin Reames commented on the firm’s research.  Reames stated that the study sheds new light onto a hitherto-unknown danger that motorists may face in driving their intoxicated relatives or friends home from Christmas or New Years celebrations.

With the recent bout of ice and snow the UK has been experiencing, the weather may only exacerbate things even more.  Fellow insurer AA Insurance recently revealed that road accident claims have risen by as much as 100 per cent during the wintry weather.

The insurer indicated that due to the snow and ice blanketing the country, even sober motorists have been having extreme difficulty in keeping their cars on the road.  Drivers have been losing control on hills and sharp turns and have been barreling into kerbs , other motorists, and even parked cars.

Insurance companies have stated that foul weather should be taken very seriously.  They recommend heeding the warnings of local authorities and limiting car trips to only when strictly necessary.

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