Former police officer wins road accident claim

One ex police superintendent recently won a personal injury compensation claim following an arm injury in a bus related road accident claim.

Bramcote, Nottingham native Robert Pattison suffered a ruptured bicep tendon shortly after boarding the number thirty bus.  The seventy eight year old man had to desperately grab for a safety rail when the bus suddenly set off.  The sudden jolt led to his personal injury claims as a result.

Mr Pattison’s injury claims included an inability to carry anything heavy with his right hand since the incident.  Additionally he stated that he has had difficulty sleeping since he suffered the injury, as the pain could be quite severe at times.

Nottingham City Transport refused to accept liability for the incident.  However after a lengthy court battle, the transportation authority has agreed to settle out of court with Mr Pattison to the tune of £4,000 in personal injury compensation.

Mr Pattison expressed happiness that the case had ultimately come to its conclusion.  However he did describe the amount of compensation he received as worthy of derision due to its laughably small amount.

One Nottingham City Transport spokesperson commented on the recent case by stating that passenger safety was of the utmost importance to the organisation.  However the spokesperson did stress that despite this focus on safety, things can and do occasionally go wrong.  The spokesperson concluded by stating that since more than 50 million Nottinghamshire residents ride its buses on a yearly basis sometimes the unfortunate accident does occur.

Industry experts agree that many defendants in personal injury claim cases will opt to settle out of court.  Such settlements are usually prompted by a reluctance to continue paying costs as any given legal matter becomes more and more lengthy and protracted.

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